A brief guide to superhero TV

Remember growing up, when the number of TV shows you watched and number available were quite close to each other. You are able to make a choice after trying everything out. But look at the numbers today, just in last year there were four hundred and eighty seven original programs that aired. Not episodes, programs.... Continue Reading →


A quiet place (2018) – John Krasinski & Emily Blunt deliver a eerie yet endearing film

Verdict : Watch it in the theater A lot would be written about this movie in the coming weeks, if you are on social media you would have already caught the buzz. A lot would be written about this movie presumably because we always love movies which try something new within an established genre. This... Continue Reading →

Manto’s Bombay and his Bollywood

Nandita Das’ biopic on Manto is going to bring lot of attention to the South Asia’s most famous storyteller. Saadat Hasan Manto , or Manto as he is known to most of his fans, was an Urdu writer and journalist born in British India state of Punjab and made his name in literary world when... Continue Reading →

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