A quiet place (2018) – John Krasinski & Emily Blunt deliver a eerie yet endearing film

Verdict : Watch it in the theater

A lot would be written about this movie in the coming weeks, if you are on social media you would have already caught the buzz. A lot would be written about this movie presumably because we always love movies which try something new within an established genre. This one is such.

This blog post isn’t about if this is horror or not. But i can say horrible things do happen in the movie. And it felt terrible to bear witness to it. But one would also say, this is not gratuitous violence one expects off late.  Which is refreshing.

This blog post isn’t also about whether it has revolutionized a genre. It is more of a breath of fresh air.

But let us do make this blog post about the things we sometimes forgot, that this movie brings back. You know how we are in a phase where grim and dark are popularized as surrogate for serious topics. “Oh you thoughts comics were for kids? But how can that be when even superman doesn’t see the sun. This is serious.” 

Instead, this movie reminds us what matters. It might be the horror premise, it might be thriller – but to what end? Why do we want to endure all this if we don’t like what we become. What do we fight for? Who are we? (Something Emily Blunt’s character reminisces in a emotional moment)

That is what i like about this movie. There is something comforting about having a dad who don’t have a son shooting his mom (no thank you TWD). Hopeful about kids who are given board games in an apocalypse. So for that, i do appreciate A Quiet Place.


Quick Diagnostics – A quiet Place

Genre – Less horror more survivalist thriller

Acting – Excellent. Millicent & Noah were amazing child actors. So were Emily & John

Pacing –  Good. Gives breather when required. second half could be better paced.

Inclusion –  Good effort. They have perspective of a deaf character and they actually had deaf actress portray the same (Millicent is AMAZING). Which seems obvious but we all know how one has to fight for representation. So good job for doing it right.

Soundtrack – Not much required. But there is one excellent Neil Young song that was perfect (Guesses? Hint – It was part of the very excellent Big Little Lies as well)

Story – Unique perspective. Have some interesting metaphor which is sorely wish they continued till the end, but good effort.

Verdict : Watch it in the theater

(You need a silent crowd for this. Morning show worked out well. The only lunatics up at that time are those who want to see it and wouldn’t be causing a ruckus. And there aren’t many like that, so quiet.)


9 thoughts on “A quiet place (2018) – John Krasinski & Emily Blunt deliver a eerie yet endearing film

    1. Indeed. It would a disservice to watch it any other device. There are some movies that are built for theatre even with human interest stories. Prime example was Arrival (& Sicario). World of difference between the cinema and smaller screen experience


  1. I really need to see this. I’ve only heard good things and each person seems to recommend seeing it in theatre so I really want to do that to get the full experience. Of course, I’ve made mental notes already to only snack while there if they can be quietly eaten because I’ve seen too many tweets about people afraid to eat their popcorn out of fear of death! haha.

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