A brief guide to superhero TV

Remember growing up, when the number of TV shows you watched and number available were quite close to each other. You are able to make a choice after trying everything out. But look at the numbers today, just in last year there were four hundred and eighty seven original programs that aired. Not episodes, programs. 487 and we only have 365 days.

If you are like me, you might feel FOMO. Fear not, at least if you are fan of the superhero fare. Here is a quick guide to all thing SUPER on air, and you can pick and choose from peak TV. Lets take a look at the live-action rooster shall we,



Long running : Agents of Shield. (Netflix India),  Arrow, The Flash, supergirl, Legends of tomorrow,Gotham

Sophomores : Daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke cage, Iron fist, Defenders,The punisher,,Runaways,Legion, black lightning

The early explorers : Krypton, Cloak & Dagger




One of the first forefathers for superhero TV is CW’s Arrow. (Now it has 4 show in Arrowverse – with fun crossover events). This is Oliver Queen or Green Arrow of the comics. If not familiar, you will see heavy parallel with Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Why watch it : Cool Action. Stephen Amnell. Relive the traditional action comics you saw growing up – its comfort food. And really fun mix of villains and sidekicks (Manu Ginobli is a delight in S2).


Would you recommend : Yes! For your lazy morning or dinner viewing. The first season is a bit rough start but season 2 was FUNTASTIC! So much murder and plotting and TWISTS. Yes and Yes.


Agents of Shield


The other show that started the superhero TV glory days. This was from the Marvel universe. It has SHIELD backdrop as seen in Avengers and builds from there. It is more adventure than action. With everything from aliens to future tech thrown in for fun.

Why watch it : The first season started off really mediocre, but by final act of the season it found its footing. If you want an team that acts like a dysfunctional family, with a surprise power thrown here and there. This is it.  And, when it feels very comic-booky with its longer arcs and new settings. And the ensemble actually feels like a family and their team dynamic is addictive.Quinjet_Cloaking_-_Shadows

Would you recommend : yes,Yes, YESS!! By season 2 this got really good. There is some amazing development and world building. There is humor and heartbreaking moments. And a LOT of comic book characters coming it, so much fun. Check out the cast list on IMDB to get the idea – everything from Hydra to ghost rider is there. And darn it is fun

The other long running shows (at least into 3rd season)

The Flash

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. This is one of the most comic book show when it started. With villains having names like captain cold and heat wave, how could you not think of your childhood?


Why watch it : While its precursor Arrow is dark and broody, if you want sunshine in your life, Flash is one for you.

Would you recommend: Yes. I personally like darker shows with more stakes but you have to give this a try just for Grant Gustin. He is one of the two surprising yet perfectly cast heroes on TV (We will talk about other perfect casting in next one). Gustin genuinely seem to enjoy the same way Barry would and that translates to TV



Kara Zor-El, the last member of Krypton who saw her entire planet explode and die. And yet, will embody hope for the human race. The female super that can fly, punch, shoot lasers and use freeze breadth. And smile at end of day.


Why watch it : First off, it is depressing that even with peak TV there are only 2 superhero shows with female leads. But Supergirl thankfully is filled with strong female characters – both good and evil. And one of the best sibling relationship ever. Maybe even more than Flash. And who doesn’t want some good ole fashioned heroics in these dreadful reality.

Would you recommend: Yes. Melissa Benoist is truly a perfect cast. She brings so much heart and soul to her character than every other superhero actors feels like a wooden plank in comparison.  But be warned, it is highly uneven show in terms of quality. The good is good, but the bad is terrible. It will all come down to how much you want a female sunny hero in your life. PS – It had one of the best coming out stories ever scripted in S2.

Interesting trivia, both of our sunny heroes come with some killer vocals – Melissa and Grant are ‘Glee’ alum and their musical crossover soundtrack reflects that glee pedigree!  Check out the excellent Moonriver rendition by Supergirl

Just stopping our Part 1 here. The next one will feature one of the most fun ensemble of superheroes and two shows with legacies.

Recap Blogs : We have great bunch of bloggers who are recapping these shows, select few to start off

Arrow Recap

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The Arrowverse cool villains

Love list to Agents of shield




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