HBO’s upcoming Sharp Objects has talent that reads like a dream team – Let’s check it out

HBO is having a prominent week, we saw the first episode of returning scifi magnum opus Westworld (supposed to be the heir apparent to its successful Game of thrones) but also debut of a captivating trailer for a antcipated project – Sharp Objects.

While much is known about the story being an adaptation of a novel, what i want to discuss is the creative team that made this happen. And boy, if ever we played fantasy league for TV, this would make a dream team.

Jean-Marc Vallée


 Vallée is the director for the show. He is the man who got us multiple critically acclaimed projects – from the spectacular Dallas Buyers club, Wild to the captivating Big Little Lies (which was one of the best shows ever made, across any genre and any country). The thing about Vallée is that not only he is a great director, he also does his own editing (expertly) . Trust me, he uses editing in a way that opens new ways of story telling  (At the end of post is link to an excellent video essay about it – it’s worth any cinephiles 15 minutes, especially about how Vallée edits to emotions)

Marti Noxon

Noxon might not be easily recognizable as upcoming names but she is yet another great talent. She created the show and of course produced it. But before all this, Noxon started off as a writer – so she understands the craft. And not just any writer, she wrote some of the best female centric TV.  Everything from the cult classic Buffy the vampire slayer (there are college course that teach through BTVS) and UnReal (Only season 1, which was just plain superior than rest). If you are not familiar with these shows, what they say is that she has a very good handle of created female characters through female gaze. Which leads to some overlooked yet compelling character journeys (If you haven’t, try the s1 of UnReal)

Gillian Flynn


The show is adaptation of Flynn’s novel of the same name. Flynn can write, really well. She wrote that riveting Gone Girl. With its complex yet familiar take of marriage. For those of you who appreciated the movie, she wrote it’s screenplay. Can’t pick a better source material.

Patricia Clarkson

Clarkson might be one of the most versatile actress who plays off a protagonist really well. You will always remember her characters much more than her, like good actors. Be it as a quirky loving mother of Easy A or shark of a boss in East, she is a delight to watch.

Jason Blum

Blum is a producer who brought is the idea of conservative budget yet profitable movies as a strategy. And he also got us back the horror genre. He made happen, the now cult classics, like Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious. He also produced the amazing Get out (If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourselves a favor and watch it now!). It would be interesting what we get when we mix Blum with prestige TV of HBO which usually is all about big budgets (One single season of Westworld cost 100 million dollars, the entire movie of Get out was made at 4.5 million dollars )

Amy Adams


Adams is probably the best actress right now. She has the insane ability to morph into her onscreen character. Doesn’t matter the genre (from Enchanted to Doubt) she excels in getting us emotionally invested in her roles. Just consider her most recent work – Arrival, Nocturnal Animals. What excellent works! In Nocturnal animals, a huge chunk of her role is just her reading a novel. You feel things in those scenes that you wouldn’t believe can happen with a single work spoken. There is no communication as there is no one else in the room. And yet, you feel, because Adams is just that good.
Now you know what dream team this can be! Are you excited about Sharp Objects?

Interesting links on this

The trailer for sharp objects (Do you see what i mean about the editing)
The excellent editing in Big Little Lies ( Its a real good analysis)

TV shows recommended in the post (the real good ones)

Big Little Lies (This show has a twist and i would recommend watching it without reading, avoid spoilers)
UnReal (Only the first season)

Movies recommended in the post

Arrival (Though this was made for big screen, so the small screen experience might feel lacking)
Dallas buyers club

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