A brief guide to superhero TV – Part 2

We did a part 1 earlier, but there are lot more superheroes to pick from. Here we go


Legends of tomorrow

The final crazy child of the Arrowverse (The CW – DC TV universe). This show is a true space adventure. This show is more of “if pirates got to travel through space and time” level of adventure. And absolute bonkers. So crazy it works.


Why watch it : This is an adventure show in truest sense. It is really funny, the team has firefly level camaraderie and each episode give doctor who a run for crazy premise. One week it would be American revolution over run by zombies and other week would be challenging Ronin for a duel. This truly is a creative favorite to unwind and enjoy.


Would you recommend it: Hell Yes. But totally skip s1, it was not good. S2 is where Legends shines and how. And those of you who ever liked Doctor who, you gotto try this immediately.

PS – it is also one of the most inclusive show ever. Respect.


Gotham is set between when Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered but before Batman. You got Gordon as the protagonist with the usual culprits of Gotham – just younger.


Why watch it : This is like a bunch of origin stories thrown together. Catwoman, penguin, you name it, they have an origin story. If you have interest in watching how they were before they became notorious and finding little easter eggs, this is it.

Would you recommend it: No. It just didn’t work for me. Trying to be a mix of character/ crime drama, it seems to lost on both.


Space + SyFy channel has debuted their show about the ancestors of our Supers. The grandfather of Superman / Kal-El. Set on the alien planet of Krypton, this is first superhero show set firmly on alien civilization.


Why watch it : Alien planet. Different rules. Politics. Parasites. Pretty cool warriors. And saving the world – what’s not to try?

Would you recommend it: Maybe.  We aren’t even through the first 10 episodes at  the time of this post so this can change but Krypton is strongest when it gets complex – It is really fascinating to see the Zods and the Vex’s besides the El’s. The first two episodes feel very teen angsty but mid way through it does pick up. The mythology is what to watch out for.

Do you have a favorite superhero show on air? Tell us why you like it

Upcoming : Part 3 would have our Netflix Marvel bunch of new yorkers.

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